My daughter Eva has Rett Syndrome; a rare neurological disorder that in her case, left her locked in a body that would not work for her from the age of 9 months. I went from being a photographer to being a mum to being a rudimentary therapist, advocate and ranter. This blog is here to share ideas, thoughts, therapies, recipes, advice and sometimes have a rant. or two.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Bad attitude, Bad sleep, Bad breath

What a combo.

These are all the things that eventually added up to me realising Eva was having a bout of reflux.  Amazing how something that seems like it would be so obvious was so hard to figure out.  Those first few weeks of school she must have been truly suffering - not just with nerves but the acid too.  Poor kid.

Within 2 days of starting Losec Omeprazole Eva was sleeping better, eating better, drooling less, had normal smelling breath, was staying awake in class more and was HAPPY.

And boy did that make me happy too.

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