My daughter Eva has Rett Syndrome; a rare neurological disorder that in her case, left her locked in a body that would not work for her from the age of 9 months. I went from being a photographer to being a mum to being a rudimentary therapist, advocate and ranter. This blog is here to share ideas, thoughts, therapies, recipes, advice and sometimes have a rant. or two.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Dental rant

I just have to say that there are times I think someone somewhere is having a big fat laugh at how much people with disabilities (and their families) will put up with.  A few months back Eva had a dental check-up and it was recommended that she see a Paediatric dentist as our family dentist felt unsure about how to best deal with doing a filling that she needed.  So I innocently went along to this new guy and filled in all the forms and sat with Eva, ready for her to have a thorough check up and to find out what would happen for her to get a filling.  For a small fortune he gave a cursory look in her mouth (really quite cursory and noticed only one of two fillings that needed to be done), barely spoke to her at all and proceeded to inform me of the need for her to have a crown done while under a general anaesthetic in a hospital.  Now I'm not a big fan of any of the things he mentioned - GA's, hospitals, dentistry and hang on a minute -a crown??!!  On a baby tooth that just needs a filling?  His response to my queries were so calculated to tug on any residual motherly guilt - how could I deny my child a safe and sturdy crown when a filling could so easily crack or lead to further complications and a need for further dentistry under another general anaesthetic.  Better to be super safe than super sorry.  He shone his perfect white teeth at me as he suggested what he believed was in Eva's best interest.
And then I got taken to another room and shown the quote.
$2500.00 AUD minimum.
What the heck?  Eva doesn't gag, isn't tube fed, can breathe normally, doesn't have seizures and is on no medications other than anti-reflux and yet she can't get a flipping filling for under $2500?
So I walked out of that place and didn't go back.  But I have spent time and more money on getting second opinions and it seems that unless I find a dentist willing to risk their insurance then I will need to either wait for her to get a public appointment or cough up the money.
Really not funny.